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Professional Look with Competitive Prices Using Reputable Eco-Friendly Paints.


Give your space a fresh, new look. No matter how big or small, make the most of your space with inspiring colours.

Drywall / Plastering

Preparation for painting puts out better finish, therefor we'll drywall / plaster / caulking all for imperfections.

Accent Walls / Wallpaper

Accent wall offers a simple, stylish way to add colours to a room and experiment with smaller doses of brighter, bolder hues.


We believe your investments are precious, looking after your property can preserve your investment for years.

Eco-Friendly Painting

When you get your place painted & that noxious smell which comes from (VOC), which the paint can continue to emit for months. Condo Painters Pro supporting eco-friendly paints and always looking for more environmentally friendly paints for our future & healhtier enviroments.

Commercial Painting

Condo Painters Pro takes on all types of painting projects. Each project is planned carefully to ensure the work is carried out to a high standard, & with minimum disruption to your workplace or business operation.

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About the Company

Our Commitment to Excellence is what you deserve in a Painting Contractor!

Condo Painters Pro

Painting is the final part of a larger project where interior painting is one of the most important elements in condo remodeling.

Condo Painters Pro is a division of Das Painters Pro, based in Toronto however we serve (GTA) Greater Toronto Area. You want a team of painters that you can rely on to, who can fit in with your demanding schedule, and ensure a flawless finish. More than anything else you want a firm you can trust to deliver, time after time. We offer a professional finish, estimate, and value of all types of buildings, we have the workforce of painters, drywallers, plasterers, and able to carry out jobs of any size and will complete them to the best quality. We have the flexibility to carry out work at weekends, and evenings in (GTA) Toronto.

Toronto Condo Painting

Our Mission

Condo Painters Pro is committed in providing a professional painting services to our expanding portfolio of clients. In addition to a continuing policy of investment in the company's future by quality workmanship has helped us grow into one of the (GTA) Toronto's premier painting company. Our expert team will meet your standard & our standards so overall project will be above your expectation.

Why Choose Us?

Toronto Condo Painters Pro's trades has all the skills necessary to complete the painting project from start to finish – from painting to drywall, wallpaper to plastering. The entire project will be finished by Condo Painters Pro, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you have one point of contact throughout. Our competitive prices compare to quality of the project will leave you a satisfied for many years. All our team have one thing in common, an appreciation & understanding of your projects details.
Toronto Condo Painters Pro's goal is to add value to your property by providing superior customer satisfaction with competitive prices. We work closely with you to understand your project and provide you with a realistic & achievable outline of how we can deliver you, your project. Condo Painters Pro has the best prices for all your painting projects & warranty all our projects in written after completion of the project. Delivering well-researched, well considered estimates for all our work.
Toronto Condo Painters Pro is open, honest and clear when we build your estimate so you have complete clarity before we start work, and throughout your project. The promise is simple, a fixed price agreed up front based on your scope of work. We'll be there on the day agreed and will finish the project in the time scope agreed. Condo Painters Pro believe in quality and the quality doesn't mean cover ups therefor if there is issues that has to be dealt, we will & inform you expansion on the time scope if required.

Our Simple Method:


  • Free Quick & Professional Estimate
  • Build The Team
  • Get The Paint


  • Arrive On-site
  • Cover the Workspace
  • Prep the Walls & Trims
  • ---Plaster, Caulking, Drywall


  • Paint Trim 2-Coats
  • --- Paint Walls 2-Coats
  • Clean Up
  • Write five-year Warranty

Feature Rooms

Bedroom Painting


A bedroom is a personal retreat within your home. Whether you're going for "sweet dreams" in a child's room, or "make yourself at home" for that special guest.

Bathroom Painting


Bathrooms offer a unique opportunity to create a dramatic impression in a functional space or a spa-like feel in the master suite.

Condo Office Painting


The color on the walls alone can play a role in your mood, productivity and job performance.

Our Competitive Prices

We offer great prices for your complete condo painting, commercial painting , room painting, accent wall, acccent wallpaper, drywall / plaster, and repairs.

All our prices include preparation to have finest finish possible with reputable eco-friendly paints, including covering workspace, sanding walls & trim, plastering, drywall repairs and caulking in normal wear conditions. Every painting project is unique & we have seen every possible variations to many unique spaces therefor we offer Your Plan package where you could determine your own unique needs.



  • Benjamin Moore - Bens
  • Up to 5 Color Walls Scheme, 1 Color Doors & Trim
  • Covering & Caulking
  • Sanding Walls & Trim
  • Plastering & Drywall Repair


  • Benjamin Moore - Regal
  • Up to 8 Color Walls Scheme, 1 Color Doors & Trim
  • Covering & Caulking
  • Sanding Walls & Trim
  • Plastering & Drywall Repair

Your Plan

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Painting can completely transform a room's mood and appearance. It's an easy way to give a space a quick yet impactful decorating makeover.