Stucco Moulding Repairs & Painting

With fifteen years of experience, we offer a professional appearance at a fair cost, utilizing high-quality materials.


Exterior Stucco Repairs & Painting

We specialize in a wide range of external stucco applications, from minor repairs and patches to complete restoration of panels and the building envelope, and we have extensive expertise working with the many finishes available. Stucco has been and continues to be an excellent choice for external coatings because of its longevity, fire resistance, and decorative and ornamental properties. We are delighted to put our understanding of stucco to work, whether it is complementing an existing exterior finish or designing a new outdoor feature.

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Exterior Stucco Installation
If you want to give your property a new look, don't overlook the exterior. There are numerous options for improving the exterior of your home, but if you want to express your creativity while maintaining durability, stucco siding may be the way to go.
Exterior Stucco Repairs
Stucco is famed for its longevity, it is not maintenance-free. With wear and tear over time, the surface may acquire cracks and holes that require filling.
Exterior Stucco Moulding Installation
Stucco Mouldings are an excellent low-maintenance product that enhances curb appeal. It's built of expanded polystyrene, which is strengthened with fiberglass and covered with modified cement. It provides you the strong appearance of cast stone or concrete in a lightweight, readily tooled shape.
Exterior Stucco Moulding Repairs
We also specialize in restoring stucco mouldings in areas impacted by leaks, water damage, or other circumstances; we will make the necessary precautions to prevent similar damage from occurring again.
Foundation Parging
Parging is a coating put to the visible (above-grade) portion of your home's foundation walls. It is put to both poured-concrete and concrete-block foundations to disguise surface flaws, formwork markings, and the like, hence its primary function is decorative.
Stucco Moulding Repairs.

Had several holes in the my stucco which was fixed by Exterior Stucco Repairs, looks almost like new. Highly Recommended.

Judith B.